Wind Wings and Sun Visors

Sun Visors – available in a range of colours (smoke, blue, green or red). All fittings are chrome on brass and polished stainless steel. The edges of the Perspex are hand polished (not flame polished). Supplied complete with mounting screws (correct length) for replica or original cars.  These Sun Visors are dimensionaly correct for replica or original cars.

Wind Wings are also available (photographs coming soon). These are made from toughened safety glass to automotive standard BS857, and come complete with four friction hinges (originally designed by Brasscraft) and all fixings. Wind Wings are also available in Perspex that have hand finished polished edges, not flamed polished. This process provides a very high quality edge. The friction hinges allow the Wind Wing to maintain its position at speed.

Both the Sun Visors and Wind Wings come with fittings and the necessary screws.



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